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I escaped the suffocation of big-city life in 1994 when I moved into the small community of Creole in Southwest Louisiana-- a spot on the map just one mile north of the Gulf of Mexico. Here, my husband, Cecil, and I own a small beach motel in which we both work and reside. I am an incurable homebody who loves puttering around my place working, crafting, reading, and generally cherishing the privacy therein. The thing my friends tease me about the most is my unshakable aversion to going out anywhere unless I absolutely have to!

I spent most of my adult life working as an Administrative Assistant, wife, and mother of four both in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Lubbock, Texas. My children (Stephanie, Mathew, Nathan, and Lindsay) all currently live and work in Texas. I have two grandchildren, Ashlynne and Christopher, who I don’t see nearly enough of but do hear from often. They call me Grammy, a name I am especially pleased and proud to hear.


My days are generally full of motel duties, of which office work is preferred by far over the maintenance stuff! When I’m not ‘moteling’, I can usually be found in front of my computer by day or walking about 5 miles by night to my beloved classical music CD’s.

NOTE: On Dec. 6, 2021, after years of declining health, Leslie passed away in hospice just three days shy of her 68th birthday.